Expanding Foam Insulation

Expanding Foam Insulation

Expanding Foam Insulation info, tips, and resources

Expanding Spray Foam Insulation Installation

To prevent heat escaping through the attic and the walls of a home fiberglass batts have been a traditional insulation. New advances in insulation offer a better solution that is easy to install and on the budget. The contemporary best practice is expanding spray foam insulation installation. Foam fills the cavities in between the framing […]

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Improve Interior Air Quality With Foam Insulation

Convection is another source of heat transfer when air moves between two spaces. Minimizing or controlling losses via convection is desirable but requires more consideration. Adequate outside air is necessary for breathing, and sufficient air transfer is required to ventilate other gases and odors from interior spaces.

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Benefits of Expanding Foam Insulation

Expanding foam insulation is a method of applying a liquid resin that reacts with air to expand into its surroundings. The resin can be injected into small or large voids to fill the space with a solid foam. The resulting foam can seal gaps and cracks to prevent air from entering into your home. It […]

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Fire Resistant Foam Insulation

Fire resistant foam insulation contains fire retardant, and some are specifically formulated for fire resistant use.  If you need a fire resistant foam for insulation, be sure to choose one specifically marketed as such.  These products possess a higher degree of fire resistance than standard foam insulation. Fire Resistant Applications include : – fire resistant […]

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Spray Insulation

even if the spraying must be done by professionals, and therefore is more costly than other options, the high R-value of spray insulation can make it cost- effective over time, through lower heating bills. In very cold or hot climates this advantage may be well worth the cost.

Spray insulation also carries the advantage of filling uneven areas well. The sprayed foam expands to fill cracks and fit into irregular spaces that would be difficult to work around with other kinds of insulation.

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