Expanding Foam Insulation

Expanding Foam Insulation

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Spray Insulation

even if the spraying must be done by professionals, and therefore is more costly than other options, the high R-value of spray insulation can make it cost- effective over time, through lower heating bills. In very cold or hot climates this advantage may be well worth the cost.

Spray insulation also carries the advantage of filling uneven areas well. The sprayed foam expands to fill cracks and fit into irregular spaces that would be difficult to work around with other kinds of insulation.

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Garage Insulation

Garage insulation may seem optional, when other more obvious home improvements vie for limited dollars. But with rising fuel costs, it’s a good idea to take a close look at all the ways it could make good sense, and good cents, to insulate all or part of the garage. This is particularly true for the […]

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Expanding Foam Wall Insulation

Although the emphasis on saving home heating and cooling energy has been on attic insulation, exterior walls have a similar surface area that transmits energy. Homes built prior to 1960 had no insulation or at best R-5. Between 1960 and 1980′s average R values increased to about R-11. Insulating wall cavities that were empty or […]

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Expanding Spray Foam Insulation

Expanding foam insulation costs about three times more than traditional materials to install initially. Some of this cost will be offset by savings in other areas and materials as mentioned above. However the longterm payback is increased energy savings year after year, with improved comfort and air quality, that justifies the investment in using expanding spray foam insulation.

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DIY Expanding Foam Insulation

There are several manufacturers of expanding foam insulation who offer various products for the do-it-yourself handyman and small contractor. You might have a small insulation job that does not require the services of a large insulation installer. There are different products for different purposes. It is important to find the matching product for your job. […]

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